Dimensionality Reduction in Multiple Ordinal Regression


Supervised dimensionality reduction (DR) plays an important role in learning systems with high-dimensional data. It projects the data into a low-dimensional subspace and keeps the projected data distinguishable in different classes. In addition to preserving the discriminant information for binary or multiple classes, some real-world applications also require keeping the preference degrees of assigning the data to multiple aspects, e.g., to keep the different intensities for co-occurring facial expressions or the product ratings in different aspects. To address this issue, we propose a novel supervised DR method for DR in multiple ordinal regression (DRMOR), whose projected subspace preserves all the ordinal information in multiple aspects or labels. We formulate this problem as a joint optimization framework to simultaneously perform DR and ordinal regression. In contrast to most existing DR methods, which are conducted independently of the subsequent classification or ordinal regression, the proposed framework fully benefits from both of the procedures. We experimentally demonstrate that the proposed DRMOR method (DRMOR-M) well preserves the ordinal information from all the aspects or labels in the learned subspace. Moreover, DRMOR-M exhibits advantages compared with representative DR or ordinal regression algorithms on three standard data sets.

IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, 2018, 29(9): 4088-4101
Jiabei Zeng
Jiabei Zeng
Associate Professor