Pedestrian dynamics in a two-dimensional complex scenario using a local view floor field model


In this paper, an extended FF model (floor field model) to simulate pedestrian dynamics in complex scenarios is proposed. Considering that pedestrians are unaware of the global view of traffic path, we introduce pedestrians' local views and propose a framework to change a pedestrian’s static floor field each time they enter a new convex area. A pedestrian’s view is limited to a convex polygon. When they travel from one convex area to another, they make decisions about the next goal according to the distances between them and the candidate goals, as well as densities of capacity and herding behaviors. Meanwhile, after making an initial decision about the next goal, a pedestrian can estimate the travel time to reach each visible goal and change their path adaptively within the convex area. Simulations in two scenarios are conducted and the results show that pedestrians under local views behave more practically than those under global views in complex scenarios. Parameter settings are also discussed along with suggestions that can be given to designers for improving traffic management.

International Journal of Modern Physics C, 22(08):775-803, 2011
Jiabei Zeng
Jiabei Zeng
Associate Professor